From west to east;

A belt of Saharan sand from Casablanca to the Cayman Islands is currently stifling convection and preventing the production line from developing any serious disturbances. This is not unusual at this time of the season and may give us a few relatively untroubled weeks, but an active late July and August are still anticipated.

Disturbance Eighteen is ashore over southern Mexico and off our radar now.

Maverick Disturbance Twenty has not moved far since yesterday. Currently centred 550 miles south-east of Nova Scotia, beginning to creep north-west. Some agencies are forecasting a short-lived development, but in that unlikely event, will remain a fish storm.

Disturbance Nineteen is centred 850 miles north-east of the mouth of the Amazon moving west at a brisk 22 knots. A high ground speed and Saharan sand are keeping development at bay.

Stand easy.

Image Joop Wilhelmus