From west to east;

The disturbance which has been making its way across the Atlantic with a long term threat of development has formed tropical storm PETER. Currently centred 500 miles east of the north-eastern Caribbean and headed west-nor’west at 15 knots, PETER is feeling the effect of upper level shear which will prevent any significant impact on the Leeward Islands as it passes, but this is expected to diminish and allow further intensification. My early thoughts of caution for Florida seem to be receding as this looks to be taking an early turn towards the north, but we cannot now dismiss a threat to Bermuda later in the coming week. I may have misjudged the track towards Florida earlier in the week but can console myself with the thought that the Canadian guy had this down for Texas.

ODETTE is headed into the north Atlantic now, well clear of land but still making for uncomfortable days at sea.

Disturbance Forty Seven has deepened and become Tropical Depression Seventeen. Aerial imagery shows this to be fairly well organised and conditions ahead are favourable for further development and likely to produce a tropical storm later today. This will steer well clear of land and is likely to be short-lived over open water in the eastern Atlantic.

Disturbance Forty Eight is emerging off the African coast heading west at 14 knots. Conditions are expected to be favourable for development with this system as it moves across the Atlantic. Early days.

Long term watch on storm PETER for Bermuda otherwise stand easy.

Image Richard Desmond