From west to east:

Disturbance Fifty Two has moved into Nicaragua without development and is off radar now.

Disorganised Disturbance Fifty Three has moved to the north of the Bahamas and is expected to head north-west at 10 knots towards the offshore Carolinas tomorrow where an approaching cold front is expected to absorb it without development although one or two of the less reliable agencies are discussing intensification.

Disturbance Fifty Four is now centred 650 miles north-nor-east of the mouth of the Amazon moving to the west at 13 knots. This is expected to reach the Leeward Islands on Sunday with increased shower and thunderstorm activity. Environmental conditions are expected to be marginally favourable for development at that time although there are bands of upper level shear which may prevent organisation or intensification.

SAM has finally left our screens, headed for the Greenland/Iceland area, still packing a punch and expected to bring strong winds and heavy rain over the coming days. And snow. To Greeland. You learn something every day.

Stand by for snow in Greenland otherwise stand easy.

Image Paul Raymond