From west to east;

Disturbance Fifty Eight is in an area of low pressure centred around 460 miles south of Newfoundland moving east at 15 knots. This will turn to the east-sou’east tomorrow and head into open water. There has been a slight increase in thunderstorm activity, indicative of a convection column forming. A frontal boundary may keep a lid on further development but as this passes and the storm encounters warm water over the Gulf Stream, transition into a subtropical or a tropical storm may yet occur.

Disturbance Fifty Nine has piped up 500 miles south of the Cape Verde Islands moving west at 10 knots. This has favourable development prospects but also faces a band of upper level wind shear which could hamper development. Early days as things stand.

Continued foul weather in the north west Atlantic otherwise stand easy.

Image Jenna Jameson