Weather observers watching new Atlantic development.

| Storm Report 2022

Disturbance Eighteen entered the eastern Caribbean overnight as anticipated and has opened out into a fairly weak wave which is westbound at 24 knots. This will pass over Puerto Rico and Hispaniola tonight producing some enhanced shower and thunderstorm activity but is unlikely to develop as it moves briskly west.

Disturbance Nineteen has raised the weather watchers from their extended siesta, having slipped the African coast with a twinkle in its eye. Now passing 350 miles south of the Cape Verde Islands, conditions for cyclone development across the tropical Atlantic are becoming more favourable by the day and the more forthright observers already have this down as a tropical storm in the making. As this stands, the track is expected to be to the west followed by a turn generally north-west to the north of the Caribbean. Too early to say of course, but a weather watch will be needed on this one.

Stand easy.