From west to east;

Hurricane SAM is still blowing a hoolie in the western Atlantic but gradually diminishing and down to a category three storm today. Currently 450 miles due east of Anguilla headed north-west at 10 knots, SAM has passed peak but still gusting 130 knot winds with a windfield radius of 200 miles. Little change in intensity is expected over the next couple of days but the anticipated wobble will cause further weakening, a turn to the north-east and a good passing distance from Bermuda. The threat to Newfoundland has also diminished.

Still on the same line of longitude but some 1,200 miles north, the last knockings of PETER are moving to the north-east at 15 knots taking the system into the open North Atlantic. Redevelopment is not expected.

Disturbance Fifty One is now 900 miles north-east of the mouth of the Amazon moving to the west at 8 knots. This is still being sheared by upper level winds from Disturbance Fifty and as a consequence, remains disorganised. This is now expected to succumb before reaching the Caribbean.

Lusty Disturbance Fifty is now two days south-west of the Cape Verde Islands headed slightly north of west at 10 knots into a cyclone-favourable environment. Whilst I would be reluctant to make rash predictions whilst the storm is still in the eastern Atlantic, some respected agencies are already marking this down as a hurricane in the next couple of days albeit turning early into the Atlantic and remaining well clear of land.

Stand by for more muck and filth at sea from SAM and some gathering clouds to the west of the Cape Verde Islands, otherwise stand easy.

Image NASA/Bobby Hollander