Heavy rain for Texas without tropical development.

| Storm Report 2022

From west to east:

Disturbance Nineteen crossed into the Bay of Campeche overnight with limited thunderstorm activity and no sign of surface organisation. The disturbance will push to the north-west today to approach the coast of north-eastern Mexico tomorrow morning towards the mouth of the Rio Grande.  Sea temperatures are well above average and there is a whiff of rising air which under any other circumstances, would have this up and over like a pan of milk but an area of strong wind shear present across the Bay of Campeche and southwestern Gulf of Mexico will prevent any serious development of this disturbance before it runs ashore with some heavy rain squalls and the odd crack of thunder.

Disturbance Twenty is now eighteen hours steaming east of Trinidad, westbound at 20 knots. The disturbance is still quite disorganised, and that trend is likely to continue as it moves across the Caribbean over the coming weekend.

Disturbance Twenty Three is around 200 miles west of the Cape Verde Islands, still battling Saharan air and just about managing to make around 8 knots on a westerly heading. I can’t see this lasting.

Stand easy.