Surfin' USA (east coast)

Friday 17th June 2016

Disturbance six is moving across the Yucatan peninsula and is expected to be seaborne in the Bay of Campeche tomorrow. This will have lost some enthusiasm during its run ashore but may renew become invigorated when it gets a whiff of sea air, as do we all, eh? This may develop into a weak low pressure centre prior to moving inland into Mexico south of Tampico by Tuesday. Slow speed over warm water may fire this up enough to form a tropical depression or even a puny storm in the Bay of Campeche with wind squalls up to 50 knots in places and some lumpy seas but is unlikely to impact the oil leases.

Elsewhere, a low pressure area is forecast to move off the US east coast tomorrow. Although the low will be associated with a cold front initially, there is a chance that the low will detach from the front by Monday morning and become either a subtropical or a tropical storm with winds of up to 50 knots. There is unlikely to be any significant impact on the eastern seaboard aside from rough surf conditions along the coast from North Carolina to New Jersey on Sunday and Monday and rough conditions offshore.

Surf boards ready on the eastern seaboard otherwise stand easy.