Potential storm prospect galloping west

Thursday 28th July 2016

The three weak systems in the west have all dissipated and are off my screen now. All eyes are on the two low pressure cells towards the east, both of which have a twinkle in their eye.

Disturbance eighteen is the storm fancier's centrefold today. Centred around 1650 miles east of Barbados, this is currently cracking along at a daft 20 plus knots which is likely to continue until it reaches the northern Leeward Islands. Thereafter, it will slow down and, if it can avoid shredding itself as it passes Puerto Rica and Hispaniola, conditions may be favourable for development in about a week from now to move into the Gulf of Mexico. It's a long shot but one or two excited observers are beginning to rub their thighs in anticipation.

Disturbance twenty is now about 250 miles east of the eastern Cape Verde Islands and moving to the west at a sensible 10 knots. Environmental conditions are expected to become less favourable for development as it moves across the Atlantic but conditions towards the Caribbean might be a little more favourable if it survives the crossing.

Stand easy.