No significant disturbances seaborne

Wednesday 7th September 2016

HERMINE has weakened to a remnant low about 90 miles south of Long Island and will drift to the northeast over Cape Cod over the next 24 hours. With the exception of a few showers and isolated thunderstorms across coastal areas of the Northeast U.S. through Thursday, no more significant impacts are expected. Disturbance thirty has slowed to about 8 knots as it passes over Hispaniola. Enhanced showers and thunderstorms will continue for Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The general consensus now appears to favour an insignificant track into Central America rather than into the Gulf of Mexico early next week. Happy days.

Disturbance thirty two is now 650 miles east of the Leeward Islands and moving towards the west at 12 knots. This will reach the Leeward Islands on Friday, bringing enhanced showers and thunderstorms to the area for the weekend. There is no sign of surface organisation.

Disturbance thirty three is just passing the Cape Verde Islands, westbound at around 7 knots. This has yet to show any sign of development. The chances of this developing between now and reaching the the Leeward Islands in about a week from now are about evens.

For the first time in a fortnight, stand easy.