Long term weather watch for Bermuda

Tuesday 20th September 2016

JULIA has dissipated. Tropical storm KARL is located about 685 miles east-nor'east of the Leeward Islands and is moving to the west-nor'west at 15 knots KARL will turn to the northwest and north later this week as it passes well north of the Caribbean, reaching hurricane intensity as it does so. The current expected track is to pass southeast of Bermuda before accelerating into the North Atlantic. A swipe at Bermuda can't be dismissed at the moment.

Disturbance thirty five dug in and became tropical depression thirteen overnight. Now 400 miles west- sou'west of the Cape Verde Islands, this is moving to the west-northwest at a leisurely 7 knots. This is expected to move to the northwest over the eastern North Atlantic over the next few days and won't reach the Caribbean.

Long term weather watch for Bermuda otherwise stand easy.