MATTHEW lashing Carolinas with brutal effect

Saturday 8th October 2016

Weakening category two hurricane MATTHEW is now just a few miles north east of Charleston, South Carolina and moving north east at 10 knots. The current hurricane severity index rating of 11 out of a possible 50 points (6 size, 5 intensity) is about peak now with maximum sustained winds of 70 knots with the odd gust of 90 knots. The tropical storm windfield and rain belt has widened slightly to 230 miles. This is radiating hurricane force winds across the coastal region and still a nasty brute of a storm causing high winds and flooding but has thankfully lost the peak of its lethal edge. The eyewall has just passed over northern Charleston County and is moving northeast along the coast. Some consolation that MATTHEW is starting to turn to the northeast and will soon put clear blue water between the storm centre and the eastern seaboard but heavy squalls will continue to fan out over eastern North Carolina and torrential rain will continue.

Late tomorrow into Monday, MATTHEW will turn south as a weakening tropical storm and may approach the Bahamas again, but will have weakened by then and no longer be such a bloody nuisance. Outstaged by MATTHEW, NICOLE's hurricane performance is over and has now weakened to a tropical storm about 440 miles to the south of Bermuda. NICOLE will continue to move towards the south later today with a turn back towards the north overnight.

NICOLE will continue badgering sailors, well clear from land. Disturbance thirty eight is just passing Curacao westbound. Environmental conditions are still favourable for development but there is as yet no meaningful indication of convection or surface organisation. Disturbance forty one about a day east of Trinidad and hugging the coast of South America on a west-nor'westerly heading at around 8 knots. This is not expected to develop but will bring enhanced showers and thunderstorms to Trinidad and Tobago over the next couple of days.

Storm cones aloft over North Carolina.