NICOLE headed for polar Atlantic waters

Sunday 16th October 2016

From west to east 

Disturbance forty six is a local late starter which has formed in the southwest Caribbean consisting of a large area of disorganised showers and storms. This may loaf about for a day or two, but is so close to the coast of Nicaragua that development is likely to be hampered. That said, this will be the cause of heavy rainfall this week for Central America.

Disturbance forty four is a loosely defined area over to the east of the Bahamas which has the makings of a low pressure cell digging in over the next few days before moving to the north-nor'west and then to the north later. This is highly likely to remain east of the eastern although it could affect north Atlantic Canada.

Disturbance forty two is weakening as it approaches the Lesser Antilles over the next few hours and is expected to dissipate soon. Way to the north of our normal reporting area, NICOLE is still producing hurricane force winds as it heads north to north east. The current track is to pass between Iceland and Greenland over the next few days and off our radar.

Disturbance forty five is is located in the east Atlantic about half a day west of the Cape Verde Islands and is expected to move to the west-nor'west during the next few days with no threat to land at present.

More gloom for polar Atlantic waters otherwise stand easy.