Atlantic production line in full flow

Sunday 18th June 2017

From west to east The Atlantic production line is in full flow now. Four disturbances on radar today - two of which have storm potential - one perhaps headed for the Gulf Of Mexico. Disturbance Six is now over north east of Belize headed across the Yucatan and the southern Gulf of Mexico. Once in the Gulf, the present forecast is for it to move to the northwest across the central Gulf as a weak tropical storm, then abate slightly as it heads toward the Texas coast, north of Brownsville. There is still some chatter that it will move to the north east towards Florida as a moderate tropical storm. We will have a clearer picture tomorrow. If I was offshore, I'd be starting on my storm plan to be safe.

Disturbance Seven is centred around 300 miles east- nor'east of the mouth of the Orinoco River headed west at 18 knots which should take it into the Windward Islands tonight or early Monday. While it may bring squalls to the Windward Islands, environmental conditions are not favourable for tropical development. Two days astern of Disturbance Seven, Disturbance Five is now about 1,000 miles east- sou'east of Trinidad headed due west at 18 knots and expected to pass between Trinidad and Tobago early on Tuesday. There is a chance that this will become a tropical storm before reaching Trinidad. Also one to watch.

Disturbance Eight has piped up as a tropical wave a day west of the Cape Verde islands moving west at 18 knots.

Early days. Storm watch Bay of Campeche.