Wellingtons in Texas

Tuesday 20th June 2017

Disturbance Six is now centred around 340 miles south east of Galveston headed north west at just 5 knots and teetering on the edge of becoming a tropical storm soon, traditionally the moment I hit 'send'. This is still only likely to be a marginal storm and is not far off peak now with maximum sustained winds of 45 gusting 60 knots. This is more or less at maximum hurricane severity rating of 4 out of a possible 50 points (2 for size and 2 for intensity) a tad down on yesterday. This will however have a wide windfield radius of up to 200 miles in the dodgy quadrants north and east.

This is a rainmaker and inland areas of southeast Texas and southern Louisiana will get very wet indeed. Someone has suggested up to 10 inches in places. Landfall is expected to be somewhere between Galveston and Lake Charles. Squalls are making themselves known offshore - a report from Green Canyon this morning recorded 55 knot gusts. This is still expected to weaken before landfall on Thursday. Tropical storm BRET (sic) has turns out to be a wasted storm name really. This has passed Trinidad, continued west and is crossing the Netherlands Antilles now. Maximum winds are down to 40 gusting 55 knots but moderating rapidly and likely to disappear altogether tonight. Poor show.

Disturbances Seven and Eight have also flopped and are no longer on radar. Storm cones aloft in Texas. Wellington boots recommended.