Tropical storm CINDY

PM Tuesday 20th June 2017

As expected, no sooner had I hit send, than Disturbance Six edged over the line and became tropical storm CINDY. Currently centred around 330 miles south east of Galveston and creeping north west at dead slow ahead, CINDY has well organised surface organisation and has strengthened slightly with observed winds of 45 knots gusting 60. The storm has a current hurricane severity index rating of 4 out of a possible 50 points (2 for both size and intensity) and is expected to peak at 6 (3 for size and intensity).

This is still expected to weaken just prior to landfall somewhere east of Galveston on Thursday and in any event, won't be a strong storm per se but as often happens with slow moving systems, will undoubtedly be a rainmaker. CINDY has a broad windfield up to 200 miles radius and this will strongest in the north and east quadrants. Storm cones aloft in south east Texas and south west Louisiana. I'm really truly sorry about the photo.