Three weak disturbances seaborne

Monday 26th June 2017

Disturbance Nine is passing Curacao at the moment, dashing west at a development-inhibiting 20 knots. This will continue at this pointless course and speed towards Central America and then into the Pacific. We can all handle those.

Disturbance Twelve has formed from a tropical wave centred around 250 miles north of the mouth of the Amazon, westbound at 12 knots. This is a little south of the normal track and disturbances at this latitude sometimes flop due to interaction with land. If this bends slightly north of west, showers and storms are likely for the southern Windward Islands but as things stand, little more than that.

Disturbance Eleven is about two days west of the Cape Verde islands, also a little south of the normal track. This isn't showing much interest in surface organisation which is good news.

Stand easy.