Hurricane AUDREY 1957

Tuesday 27th June 2017

On this day in 1957 AUDREY made a landfall between the Sabine River and Cameron, Louisiana as a category 3 hurricane with sustained 110 knot winds, tragically claiming more than 400 lives along its path. Damage both ashore and offshore was considerable. Today, we have just three systems along the traditional track, none of which should cause alarm.

Disturbance Nine is almost at the end of the road passing close to the north of Lake Maracaibo, westbound at around 12 knots.

Disturbance Twelve is centred about a day and a half east of the southernmost Windward Islands. This has curved a little north of west but has still lost some oomph from interaction with the coast of South America. Rain and the odd roll of thunder will mark it entering the Caribbean but there seems little chance of development.

Disturbance Eleven is around mid-Atlantic now and still a little south of the optimum track which is hindering the formation of any deep and meaningful shape. All in all a good day considering.

Stand easy.