The Canadian guy has gone quiet

Wednesday 11th July 2017

The last gasp of tropical Depression Four is centred over the northern Bahamas and looking weak. This will enhance shower and thunderstorm activity over the Bahamas today then over the Florida Peninsula and probably find itself ashore somewhere in the north east Gulf over the weekend.

A new low pressure cell designated Disturbance sixteen has piped up about 100 miles north east of the mouth of the Orinoco and is moving west at 16 knots. this is not expected to develop but will bring heavy rain to the southern Lesser Antilles.

Disturbance Fourteen is now about 1000 miles east of Trinidad and is moving west at 18 knots. I can see no development opportunities and the Canadian guy who had this marked as a sure thing has gone very quiet.

Disturbance Fifteen is about a day and a half west of the Cape Verde Islands dashing west at 21 knots. Dry Saharan air and a reckless ground speed considerably reduces any chances of development for the time being.

Stand easy.