Four weak disturbances seaborne

Thursday 13th July 2017

The remains of Tropical Depression Four have crossed Florida and are now in the far eastern Gulf of Mexico causing heavy rain in places with the odd roll of thunder . This will track north west without developing but will cause shower and thunderstorm activity across portions of the northern Gulf of Mexico until it drifts ashore.

Disturbance Sixteen is over Puerto Rico producing showers and localised thunderstorms storms near as it tracks west-nor'west without developing.

Disturbance Fourteen is westbound, now about a day and a half east of the Leeward Islands choked by dry air and is unlikely to develop.

Disturbance Fifteen is about a day and a half south west of the Cape Verde Islands moving west at 13 knots and also suffering from the effects of dry air which will keep development in check.

Stand easy.