No significant pressure gradients across the region

Saturday 22nd July 2017

From west to east -

Disturbance Seventeen is centred around 120 miles north east of the Virgin Island moving west-nor'west at a brisk 21 knots.. This track will continue over the few days in generally unfavourable conditions for tropical development aside from some shower and thunderstorm activity across the Bahamas early next week.

Disturbance Nineteen is new. This has sprung from a tropical wave about 240 miles north of the mouth of the Amazon. This is headed west-nor'west at 10 knots against a headwind of upper level shear which will put paid to any thought of development. At worst, this will introduce some heavy showers and the odd roll of thunder to the Lesser Antilles by Tuesday.

Way out east, Disturbance Eighteen is centred around two day's steaming west of the Cape Verde Islands, westbound at 14 knots and battling sand. No development is expected for the time being.

Stand easy.