FRANKLIN set for hurricane strength landfall in Mexico

Wednesday 9th August 2017

From west to east

Tropical storm FRANKLIN is half way across the Bay of Campeche now around 250 miles north east of Veracruz, Mexico and developing rapidly. There seems to be little doubt now that this will hit hurricane intensity before making a landfall somewhere south of Tuxpan overnight tonight. Currently westbound at 10 knots, FRANKLIN has a hurricane severity index rating of 6 out of 50 points (2 for size and 4 for intensity) and is expected to peak at 9 (3 for size and 6 for intensity). This relatively small for a hurricane with an anticipated maximum tropical storm windfield of 120 miles, but quite intense with winds in excess of 80 knots. This will cause mudslides and flooding after landfall.

 Disturbance Twenty Eight is passing over the Bahamas headed west-nor'west at 22 knots and mixing it with an upper level low which will suppress development. More rain to follow across the Bahamas and Florida.

Disturbance Twenty Six is now around 450' miles east of the Leeward Islands, westbound at 11 knots. This is will pass north of the Leeward Islands and curve away into Atlantic anonymity where conditions are favourable for this to become a fish storm.

Disturbance Twenty Seven is about a day west of the Cape Verde islands headed west at 18 knots. The chances of development are fairly slim at present.

Stand by southern Mexico.