Cat 1 hurricane NATE to make landfall east of Mississippi

Saturday 7th October 2017

From west to east

Category 1 Hurricane NATE is now centred around 200 miles south of New Orleans headed west-nor'west at 20 knots. This storm has a current hurricane severity index rating of 9 out of 50 (4 for size and 5 for intensity, which is expected to increase slightly in severity to 7 prior to landfall) with a tropical storm force windfield radius of 150 miles. NATE is producing maximum sustained wind speeds of 75 knots, with the odd gust to 95 knots. Aerial reconnaissance observations are reporting that winds are stronger to the east than the west of the eye, good news for the offshore leases (and for New Orleans). Less happily, this will be a considerable rainmaker from the Mississippi all points east to the Florida panhandle. NATE will make a landfall overnight tonight as a category 1 hurricane close to the east of the Mississippi although this is uncertain as the system will take a turn to the north east soon which will take the final landfall further east.

Disturbance Forty Eight crossed the Leeward Islands overnight and is now westbound at 15 knots. This will continue on this heading for at least 48 hours bringing rain and the odd roll of thunder to the Netherlands Antilles tomorrow. Environmental conditions will remain unfavourable for development.

Disturbance Forty Nine is centred around 1200 miles east of Trinidad and is moving to the west-nor'west at 13 knots. If this survives the crossing it will pass north of the Leeward Islands in the middle of next next week.

Disturbance Fifty has appeared well to the north of the convergence zone, around 600 miles west of the Canary Islands. Environmental conditions in this area are ripe for storm development but this system is not expected to approach any land areas.

Disturbance Fifty One has emerged off the west coast of Africa moving west at 13 knots. Environmental conditions will not be favourable for tropical development over the next few days and this may struggle to cross the pond.

Stand by for hurricane landfall tonight east of the Mississippi.