OPHELIA becomes 10th hurricane of the 2017 season

Thursday 12th October 2017

From west to east –

Disturbance Fifty Two is over the Bahamas now. This will enhance showers and storms over the Bahamas and Florida area today and tomorrow, before it dissipates over the far north east Gulf of Mexico.

Disturbance Fifty One is now centred around 200 miles due north of the mouth of the Amazon moving west-nor'west at 15 knots and battling against upper level wind shear. This is beginning to turn a little more towards the north and will track near to the Leeward Islands on Saturday bringing shows and a few thunderstorms but otherwise, not expected to impress.

Hurricane OPHELIA is our 10th hurricane of the 2017 season. Now centred around 720 miles south west of the Azores, OPHELIA is moving north east at 3 knots with 80 knot winds. This has a well-defined eye with an unusually small tropical storm force wind radius of 60 miles, but is widening as it freshens This will pass around 80 miles south of the Azores on Saturday. Thereafter, tracking is guesswork but reliable modellers have OPHELIA accelerating to a more north-nor ‘easterly heading on Sunday and a turn toward the north on Monday or Tuesday. OPHELIA will lose its tropical characteristics by early next week but will still blow a hoolie as it approaches north west Europe. Ireland seems to be today's favourite. Too early to be making confident predictions, of course.

Storm cones aloft over the Azores.