Rain across western and central Caribbean

Wednesday 25th October 2017

Disturbance Fifty Five hadn't moved far and is still close to the Mosquito coast of Nicaragua. This is expected to move slowly to the north toward the north-western Caribbean over the next couple of days before turning north-east towards western Cuba and the Bahamas, passing close to South Florida on Sunday. Environmental conditions have fallen short of expectations thus far, which is good news all round. Nonetheless, torrential rainfall will be possible for Nicaragua, Honduras, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Cuba and the Bahamas.

Disturbance Fifty Six passed the Leeward Islands overnight on a westerly heading at 8 knots. This is bringing showers and thunderstorms to the Lesser Antilles and will continue to do so on its track across the southern Caribbean, which is otherwise expected to be uneventful.

Stand easy.