PHILIPPE leaving Florida

Sunday 29th October 2017

Tropical depression Eighteen dithered and deepened around the Florida Keys, scraping into weak tropical storm strength and became PHILIPPE. Almost immediately it hit the high-life, it began to move north-east again at a respectable 15 knots and is already clearing the Florida peninsula, which should dry out in time for the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. There is no significant change to peak intensity of a hurricane severity index rating of 3 (1 for size and 2 for intensity) with strongest winds east of centre. Some very heavy rain and strong gusts of wind are still being recorded ashore in southern Florida but a walk in the park compared to other events this season. PHILIPPE is now expected to parallel the eastern seaboard to pass east of New England towards Atlantic Canada tomorrow afternoon.

A new disturbance Fifty Seven has piped up in the central Atlantic, well to the north of the convergence zone. This is expected to meander around and perhaps develop a little but well clear of land.

Once PHILIPPE clears the coast of Florida and the Bahamas, stand easy.