Storm brewing in North Atlantic

Wednesday 15th August 2018

Disturbance Twenty Two ran ashore in southern Mexico last night with no significant impact, save a few showers.

Disturbance Twenty Four is about 18 hours east of the Windward islands headed west at 10 knots. This will cause rainfall to portions of the Lesser Antilles over the next day or two but development is not expected.

Disturbance Twenty Seven has appeared 450 miles north-east of the mouth of the Amazon moving west to west-nor'west at 14 knots. Aerial imagery shows some early signs of organised thunderstorm activity and surface rotation. This would be a prime candidate for storm development but sand will in all likelihood have the final say.

Yesterday's new arrival from the African coast - Disturbance Twenty Six - hit a wall of sand as it was passing the Cape Verde Islands and has dissipated.

Way up north, Disturbance Twenty Five has developed slightly and been upgraded to Subtropical Depression Five. This is now centred around 1,000 miles west of the Azores and has started to head north at just 4 knots. This is still developing and may yet become a subtropical or tropical storm (typically, the second I hit ‘send') which will track north-east but quickly weaken again by Friday. This is currently producing gale force winds of between 30 and 40 knots which will be uncomfortable but bearable for sailors, but won't bother anyone ashore.

A bumpy night in the north Atlantic otherwise, stand easy.