Day of relative calm in the aftermath of a turbulent week

Tuesday 18th September 2018

The last knockings of ISAAC are moving west-nor'west in the northwest Caribbean. This is showing no sign of organising itself but may produce a few squalls across the western Gulf of Mexico later this week.

Disturbance Thirty Nine is around 300 miles south-west of Bermuda headed north-nor'west at 5 knots. A welcome band of wind shear will mean that this is unlikely to develop and in any event, should remain well clear of the eastern seaboard.

Disturbance Thirty Eight is around 300 miles east of the Leeward Islands dashing west at 24 knots. This groundspeed will prevent any significant development aside from enhanced rainfall across the Lesser Antilles later today.

JOYCE is now reduced to a tropical depression milling around aimlessly some 400 miles south of the Azores. JOYCE is currently moving to the south-sou'east at 5 knots and is expected to turn to the west-sou'west later today. This system poses no threat to land and may become a remnant low and fade to nothing, but if not, will eventually accelerate to the north-east and disappear .

For today then, stand easy.