Weather watch needed on new development in the east

Friday 21st September 2018

The last swirls of ISAAC are in the north-west Gulf enhancing thunderstorms with the odd squall but otherwise generally inoffensive.

Disturbance Thirty Eight has opened into a low pressure wave, about a day east of the Mosquito coast of Nicaragua, dashing west at a pointless 22 knots which should see this safely ashore without development.

Disturbance Forty
is now around 650 miles east of Trinidad. There are mutterings of this developing over the coming weekend although I can see upper level shear from aerial imagery. However this pans out, this will bring increased showers and thunderstorms across the islands of the eastern Caribbean over the weekend.

Disturbance Forty One is still milling around aimlessly close to the east of Bermuda. Strong upper level shear is still dominating the area which is keeping development in check.

Disturbance Forty Two has left the African coast with a mean look about it. Currently 700 miles south-east of the Cape Verde Islands moving west at 15 knots, conditions are favourable for development, so a weather watch is needed.

Stand easy.