LESLIE making waves mid Atlantic

Sunday 30th September 2018

KIRK is succumbing to upper level wind shear in the central Caribbean having exhausted most of its energy and all possible permutations of Star Trek/storm gags. This mass of loose cloud and showers is headed west at 18 knots but development is not expected.

Tropical Storm LESLIE is now 720 miles east-nor'east of Bermuda moving to the west-sou'west at walking pace. This is still expected to meander over the open Atlantic and intensify to hurricane strength over the next few days but won't impact any land area.

Disturbance Forty Five is two days west of the Cape Verde Islands moving west at 18 knots. This motion is expected to continue for the next few days but environmental conditions are not expected to be favourable for development.

More filthy North Atlantic weather at sea otherwise stand easy.