Clouds gathering close to Panama presenting development opportunities

Tuesday 2nd October 2018

KIRK is ashore across southern Mexico. Some residual rain and the odd roll of thunder may make it to the Bay of Campeche, otherwise this is done and dusted.

Disturbance Forty Six has piped up in the south-west Caribbean, close to Panama. This is giving one or two modellers a hot flush - including the Canadian guy of course - as this looks as if it may track north into the eastern Gulf of Mexico or north-east across Cuba and the Bahamas, which both provide development possibilities.

Seemingly endless Tropical Storm LESLIE is now 550 miles east of Bermuda, moving south at walking pace. This is still set to loaf about in this area and may reach hurricane intensity tonight but without threat to land.

Disturbance Forty Seven has slipped the African coast this morning and is moving west at 16 knots. This has no immediate prospect of development but we'll keep a weather eye out.

Stand easy.