OSCAR at peak and accelerating north east

Tuesday 30th October 2018

Category 2 hurricane OSCAR is centred 460 miles south east of Bermuda. This is now at peak strength producing blistering winds of between 90 and 105 knots. The good news is that the cyclone has now shaped up on a north-easterly heading and has started to accelerate, currently making 20 knots. This will weaken the convection cycle and take OSCAR towards the north-east Atlantic, which is the knacker's yard for storms at this end of the season. One or two modellers are hinting at a swipe at Ireland and the British Isles late on Friday and into Saturday, led of course by the Canadian guy. I'm convinced he knows where I live. I suspect this may curve further north earlier so may only be a glancing blow. We'll see.

There are no other disturbances of pressure gradients of note across the reporting zone today.

Filthy weather around OSCAR and another torrid day for fish and sailors, otherwise stand easy.