Storm developing in NE Gulf of Mexico

Wednesday 10th July 2019

From west to east;
Disturbance Eleven is seaborne and has formed a low level trough centred around 200 miles south west of Tallahassee, Florida moving southwest at 5 knots. This is turning west-sou'west then west later before strengthening to the inevitable tropical storm tomorrow. All eyes are now on a slow heavy rainmaking track along the coast of Louisiana with winds up to 60 knots and a landfall towards the Texas border on Saturday.

Disturbance Nine is passing 150 miles south of the Dominican Republic at a brisk 21 knots. This will produce rain over Hispaniola today but will not develop.

Disturbance Ten is about two days west of the Cape Verde Islands moving west at 18 knots. This has a pattern of squalls radiating from the centre but is headed into sand and won't develop.

Disturbance Twelve is centred 200 miles north of the mouth of the Amazon moving west at 15 knots. There remains a short development window but should weaken by the time this reaches the Caribbean.

Stand by for storm development in the north east Gulf of Mexico otherwise stand easy.