Airborne sand keeping development in check

Wednesday 24th July 2019

Disturbance Seventeen dissipated over the southern Caribbean and is off our radar.

A cold front has entered the northern Gulf of Mexico and stalled. As often happens at this time of the season with this kind of event, a small low pressure cell has started to form which could develop. As things stand, any development is likely to be weak. This front has absorbed Tropical Depression Three which was loafing about off the coast of Florida.

Disturbance Sixteen is centred 550 miles north of the mouth of the Amazon dashing west at 22 knots. Dry air and a rapid ground speed will prevent surface organisation or vertical convection. Aside from some thunderstorm activity, tropical development is not expected.

Disturbance Eighteen is located about a day west of the Cape Verde Islands westbound at 22 knots. This has some respectable shower and thunderstorm activity associated with it, but airborne sand ahead is unlikely to be impressed.

Stand easy.