Rank outsider still making headway

Thursday 1st August 2019

From west to east,

Disturbance Twenty is over eastern Cuba moving north-nor'west at 10 knots and making a turn towards the Bahamas as anticipated. Environmental conditions for development have deteriorated further and it is likely to be absorbed by an eastbound front over the coming weekend.

Kitten-weak Disturbance Nineteen is about 12 hours east of the Lesser Antilles westbound at 10 knots. No development is expected.

Unfancied Disturbance Twenty One is now centred around 550 miles north east of the mouth of the Amazon moving west at 12 knots. This is still showing determined surface organisation with plentiful moisture, scattered thunderstorms and squalls. This has been written off by a number of better-informed observers (including the Blind Sniper) but this seems to be surviving adverse environmental conditions and I wouldn't write off this developing as it approaches the Lesser Antilles in three to four days time. But I'm no weatherman.

Disturbance Twenty Two has just left the African coast and is moving slowly west. This also has a look about it but it is early days.

Stand easy.