Storm clouds gathering over Bahamas

Friday 13th September 2019

Disturbance Thirty Seven remains the centre of attention today, expected to be upgraded later by the National Hurricane Centre as Tropical Depression Nine. Currently almost stationary over the central Bahamas, this is expected to make a move towards the northwest over the weekend as wind shear eases off and develop into a tropical storm. The expected track consensus is now in line with the European model which has had this down for a hurricane paralleling the eastern seaboard. As things stand, this should pass well clear to the east of Florida and the Carolinas but will at the very least bring heavy rainfall and gusty winds to coastal areas.

Disturbance Thirty Six is expected to cross the northwest Caribbean Islands later today moving towards the west-nor'west at around 8 knots. This continues to weaken, and will probably be gone tomorrow or early on Sunday.

Disturbance Thirty Eight is now centred around four days west of the African coast moving west at 13 knots. This still has some thunderstorm activity and rotation associated with it and conditions are anticipated to be favourable for development as it approaches the Lesser Antilles early next week.

Newbie Disturbance Thirty Nine left the African coast and began the well-trodden path to the west overnight. This has a twinkle in its eye and will also warrant a weather watch as it heads west.

Storm watch for the south-eastern seaboard otherwise stand easy.