HUMBERTO closing on Bermuda

Wednesday 18th September 2019

Whistling through the alphabet with a sudden burst of speed, tropical storm IMELDA made a brief appearance over the last 24 hours and is now firmly ashore north of Houston weakening quickly. As anticipated, this is a rainmaker and will cause patchy flooding across much of eastern Texas over the next couple of days.

Hurricane HUMBERTO is currently centred 360 miles west of Bermuda moving to the east-nor'east at 12 knots. This track should mean a pass north of the island tonight. Passing distance will of course dictate intensity ashore but for safe measure, hurricane strength winds of up to 105 knots should be expected. This has a current hurricane severity index rating of 20 out of a possible 50 points (9 size, 11 intensity) and likely to peak as it passes the island at 23 (11 size, 12intensity) and a tropical storm force windfield of up to 200 miles. Once past Bermuda, weakening and a harmless track seaward is expected to follow.

Disturbance Thirty Eight is in the central Caribbean passing south of Hispaniola. This is expected to move slowly to the west during the next few days towards the northwest Caribbean with so far little signs of development.

Tropical Depression Ten just has just upgraded into Tropical Storm JERRY located about 780 miles east-nor'east of Barbados moving to the west-nor'west at 12 knots. This general motion should continue for the next few days. On this track, JERRY will pass a little north of the Leeward Islands on Friday and early Saturday then weaken when it passes north of of the Caribbean.

Disturbance Forty One is now around mid way between the African coast and the Caribbean. A westerly track is likely during the next few days thereafter the system is expected to approach the Windward Islands heavy rainfall and gusty winds. Environmental conditions may become favourable for tropical development thereafter. Weather watch needed.

Disturbance Forty Two is just leaving the African coast, headed west. Early days.

Stand by for hurricane strength winds across Bermuda.