LORENZO in sight of Irish coast

Thursday 3rd October 2019

From west to east,

Disturbance Forty Four is centred in the south of the Yucatan Channel, headed slowly west-northwest. This has some patchy thunderstorm activity and small signs of surface rotation, but nothing of note. This is expected to slip quietly into the Gulf of Mexico tonight then track west, perhaps even a tad south of west, but in no real rush to cross the Bay of Campeche. Nobody seems unduly concerned by this, but I'd have an eye on it, since this slow meander across warm water will certainly be lifting significant quantities of water.

Disturbance Forty Five is 450 miles south-sou'east of Bermuda heading north-nor'east and weakening. This may be gone by the weekend as it heads harmlessly seaward.

Newbie Disturbance Forty Six has just slipped the African coast and is westbound. Environmental conditions ahead for development are best described as ‘mixed'. We will have a clearer idea tomorrow.

The remnants of LORENZO are now almost within hailing distance of Irish coast and coming in fast. Met Éireann has issued an Orange wind warning (‘Dangerous and disruptive' but not extreme) from Donegal to Bantry Bay where the worst excesses will be felt, and the UK Met Office has issued similar for the south west and the North of Ireland. This is currently producing 65 knot winds and is likely to bring force 10 winds to exposed areas to the west, but weakening by the hour. This should be the swansong for LORENZO as it is weakning rapidly. For those of a nervous disposition on this side of the water, who may be inconvenienced by some strong winds and heavy rain tonight, spare a thought for the good people of Beaumont, Texas. Floodwater allowed an alligator named Big Tex to escape from his sanctuary. This fellow is the largest alligator ever caught in the US at 13ft 8.5 inches long and weighing in at over 1,000lbs. The good news is that he was found and returned to captivity. The bad news is that 39 of his cellmates are still out there. I'll take wind and rain thanks.

Stand by for the last fling from LORENZO, otherwise stand easy.