NESTOR near landfall

Saturday 19th October 2019

Tropical Storm NESTOR is nearing landfall close to Apalachicola in the central Florida panhandle. This is at peak now with a hurricane severity index rating of 5 (2 for size and 3 for intensity). As storms go, this is fairly weak but of no consolation to anyone trying to keep their hat on with 65 knot gusts or, to the displaced centre east of landfall, a storm surge of up to 6 feet perhaps as far round as Tampa. By tonight, NESTOR will have crossed southeastern Georgia and South Carolina with some very heavy rain and flash flooding but will be very much on the down ramp.

Disturbance Fifty is centred around 250 miles north of the Netherlands Antilles moving west at 12 knots. Ahead, environmental conditions remain unfavourable for development and this is likely to make an unremarkable exit from the stage over the next day or two.

Disturbance Fifty Three is centred 650 miles north east of the mouth of the Amazon westbound at a leisurely 8 knots. Thunderstorm activity has increased slightly however environmental conditions remain unfavourable for development.

Stand by for tropical storm conditions across the Florida panhandle as NESTOR makes landfall soon.