CRISTOBAL to make landfall close to the Mississippi delta

Sunday 7th June 2020

Tropical storm CRISTOBAL is now around 100 miles south of the mouth of the Mississippi heading north at a touch under 10 knots. This is producing winds gusting 60 knots with a touch more development up its sleeve before landfall in around 8 hours from now. This has a large tropical storm wind force radius of 240 miles with most of the unpleasantness to the east as far as the Florida panhandle. At landfall this will cause a storm surge of up to six feet in places with heavy rain, strong winds and a predicted hurricane severity index rating of 8 out of 50, 5 for size and 3 for intensity.

Uninspiring Disturbance Five wimped out in the southern Caribbean and is now off radar.

Stand by for tropical storm CRISTOBAL landfall around the mouth of the Mississippi and points east.