Tropical disturbance Two mid-way across Bay of Campeche and approaching storm strength

Tropical disturbance two is now midway across the Bay of Campeche and has slowed to walking pace and is becoming more organised. The general consensus is that this will reach storm strength soon - typically the moment I hit the 'send' button - and become tropical storm BARRY. A westerly path will take this system across the southern Bay of Campeche to a landfall near Veracruz on Thursday morning. There is no threat to the northern Gulf of Mexico.

Maximum sustained winds are near 30 knots and only a small tweak would make this system a tropical storm.with maximum sustained winds near 40 knots. 5 mph. Rapid weakening is expected after landfall. The main threat from this system continues to be local heavy rainfall.

A new open low pressure wave designated Tropical Disturbance eight has appeared along the line of the Windward and Leeward Islands. Development is not expected as it moves to the west at about 10 knots.

The low pressure cell we spotted off the African coast is still visible from satellite imagery but weaker today.

A degree of standing by may be necessary around Veracruz, otherwise stand easy.