Tropical storm BARRY ashore and dissipating

The centre of tropical storm BARRY has made a landfall in the last hour, just to the north west of Veracruz, slithering ashore at under 3 knots. The windfield still extends out into the Bay of Campeche and is maintaining storm force winds, however the main threat is from BARRY effectively siphoning moisture from the Bay of Campeche and dumping it into south eastern Mexico, as far inland as Mexico City. Flash floods and landslide warnings are in effect. Once beached, the system will dissipate very quickly and is likely to be little more than a depression by this time tomorrow.

Disturbance eight is still open and unorganised, centred loosely over the Cayman Islands and pressing west but with little chance of development.

Looking at satellite imagery, there is still some sign of an otherwise unreported system in the far eastern Atlantic however, this has hardly moved and may weaken further.

Stand easy.