Remnants of CHANTAL bringing rain to Georgia and the Carolinas

General overview 1400z 11th July 2013

The oddball disturbance fourteen which began life in the south-central Atlantic and took an unique path to the Florida straits, disappeared ashore somewhere around the Florida panhandle after losing interest altogether.

The remnants of CHANTAL are centred around 700 miles southeast of Charleston, South Carolina and are moving north west at 10 knots. The final track shifted to the east of previous expections and as a result will have a precipitation impact on Georgia and the Carolinas, instead of Florida. Wind shear remains quite strong over the system which is unlikely to develop, however rain is expected to spread into the southeast United States regardless as to whether or not the system redevelops. General accumulations will likely be in the 1 to 3 inch range. However, isolated areas may receive up to 4 inches. Accumulations in Florida are not expected to exceed 2 inches. Any flooding is expected to be localised.

Disturbance seventeen is now two days west of the Cape Verde Islands, and has tracked to the north of the convergence zone thus unlikely to make the western Atlantic and in any event, will not develop.

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