DORIAN returns with a whimper

General overview 1300z 3rd August 2013

Tropical disturbance twenty eight (previously tropical storm DORIAN) has had a change of heart and is now tropical depression DORIAN (previously disturbance twenty eight). Clear? Currently reorganised and centred just over 100m east of Daytona Beach, the system has maximum sustained winds of just 30 knots and is moving north-east at 5 knots.Other than a short burst of heavy rain along the east coast of Florida, this is unlikely to be of interest as is accelerates into the west central Atlantic, perhaps briefly becoming a tropical storm as it does so, but only of minor inconvenience to sailors and the odd fish before being absorbed by a mid-latitude frontal trough.

Disturbance twenty nine is now three days west of the Cape Verde Islands and moving west at 15 knots. This is still shrouded in dry Saharan air and unlikely to impress.

Stand easy.