Two disturbances battling upper level turmoil

There is an almost continuous belt of upper level turmoil from Corpus Christi to Dakar via Panama and the Leeward Islands, and this is likely to be a dominant feature of the next week to ten days. This time last year, RAFEAL was dissipating in the central Atlantic and disturbance fifty nine was crossing the Atlantic battling upper level wind shear, destined to become SANDY. The season ended - as far as we are concerned anyway - with disturbance sixty five wimping out mid Atlantic on 15th November 2012.

Back to 2013 then, today there are just two disturbances in the Atlantic convoy. Sixty six is just over the Lesser Antilles now and moving west-nor'west at 12 knots. This has had a fairly torrid crossing and is on its last legs.

Disturbance sixty seven is a weak tropical wave about two days west of the Cape Verd Islands. Development is not expected as it moves west at 15 knots

Stand easy.