A brief fish storm in the west central Atlantic

Disturbance sixty six is clipping the top of the far north-east Caribbean and being pushed to the northwest at just 4 knots. A turn to the north is expected later today or tomorrow. Wind shear is high in the area and development is not expected.

Disturbance sixty eight formed overnight far out in the west-central Atlantic over 900 miles north east of Puerto Rico. This is moving to the east-nor'east at 6 knots circulating a high pressure cell and seemingly enjoying the experience. This has become organised rather quickly and there is a chance that this could become a depression or weak tropical storm later today or tomorrow. The system is expected to be short-lived however and will likely weaken by late Wednesday or Thursday as it encounters increasing upper level winds. This will only be of interest to fish and sailors, no land will be affected.

Disturbance sixty seven is now three days west of the Cape Verde Islands, moving west at 10 knots. Conditions in the area are unfavourable and development is not expected.

Stand easy.