Disturbance eight approaching the Caribbean.

General overview Wednesday 9th July 2104

Wind shear and desert sand are strangling the Atlantic storm production line, whilst featureless blue skies from West Africa to Panama, and north to Texas and Louisiana provide little hope for the windstorm enthusiast, at least for the next five to seven days.

Disturbance eight is centred around 200 miles north of the Amazon, pushing west into debilitating upper level wind shear at 12 knots. This is quite close to the coast of South America and such proximity sometimes hastens deterioration of low pressure cells - weak outer winds draw dry air into the already quite useless vertical column. Even the most enthusiastic of forecasters is unable to talk this up into anything more than a loose band of showers and isolated thunderstorms making an unremarkable pass of the Windward Islands later today through to late on Thursday night.

Stand easy.