Four disturbances at sea, but no immediate threat

General overview from west to east Monday 1st September 14

Disturbance twenty four is seaborne again in the eastern Bay of Campeche and moving west-nor'west. This is a broad, poorly organised area of thunderstorms and squalls. This is only going to have a short career at sea, probably swallowing the anchor on Wednesday in the Tampico area and not likely to have a prolonged development window, but if it does become organised, it may yet become a tropical depression or even a weak tropical storm.

Disturbance twenty six is continuing to hug the coast of South America and in so doing, foregoes any chance of development.
Disturbance twenty three is now centred around 750 miles north east of the Amazon delta and moving west at 15 knots. Development is not expected this side of the Leeward Islands.

Disturbance twenty seven is a day west of the Cape Verde islands, westbound at 15 knots. Development is not expected as it tracks through residual Saharan sand but may find it in its heart to impress when it reaches the western tropical Atlantic later in the week.

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