Hurricane EDOUARD fading mid-Atlantic

General overview Thursday 18th September 2014

West to east -

The chatters are continuing to watch a frontal boundary approaching the northern Gulf of Mexico. There is no indication of a tropical system developing in the area but this scenario can be a development source during hurricane season.

Disturbance thirty four is just passing the far north eastern Lesser Antilles and curving to the west-nor'west at 8 knots. The chances of development are fairly low and no impact is expected other than a few showers to the Lesser Antilles today and tomorrow.

Disturbance thirty five remains a weak tropical wave centred around 800 miles north west of the mouth of the Amazon and headed west-nor'west at 10 knots. Development appears unlikely.

Hurricane EDOUARD is mid-Atlantic roughly half way between New York and Lisbon, and moving due east at a debilitating 25 knots. Winds are now down to 80 knots. The glass is still rising and EDOUARD should continue to weaken with no threat to land.

Disturbance thirty six is a tropical wave just passing the Cape Verde Islands and is drifting slowly west in dry air. Whatever chance this may have of development is unlikely to approach land as it is already turning to the north west.

Stand easy