Tropical storm FAY approaching Bermuda

Disturbance forty five strengthened and became tropical disturbance seven, before organising further and becoming a tropical storm. The ailing 2014 Atlantic storm season has dug deep and produced FAY.

Probably at peak now with sustained winds of 65 knots, FAY is currently centred 320 miles south of Bermuda and expected to turn north east tomorrow and pass east of Bermuda tonight or early on Sunday morning. After passing Bermuda, it will weaken and dissipate at sea within 48 hours. 420 miles east of the northernmost Leeward Islands, disturbance forty four also looks keen.

This is already curving north of west at a steady 16 knots. This is likely to stall somewhere south of Bermuda and east of Florida as it meets an inbound front, which will ultimately be the cause of its demise. However, the period at rest may provide fuel and moisture, and this could also prove to be weak and short-lived tropical storm in the middle of next week. Regardless of development, it will bring enhanced stormy conditions to the northern Leeward Islands and Puerto Rico late on Sunday into Monday.

Disturbance forty seven is dead central Atlantic now and moving west at 14 knots.This is not well organised and encountering dry air and is expected to turn north and head out to sea prior to reaching the Caribbean. Storm cones aloft in Bermuda, otherwise, stand easy.